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Documento Adobe Acrobat PDF Brochure Matrilox« P (EN)

Brochure promozionale Matrilox« P: bioplastificanti per gomma.

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Documento Adobe Acrobat PDF Matrilox« PF801E - Technical data sheet (EN)

Matrilox« PF801E is a plasticizer produced in Matrýca« biorefinery from renewable sources through a new innovative technology. It is an aromatic free product, representing a sustainable alternative to mineral oils in different applications. The relatively high polarity, combined with a very low glass transition temperature, make it an innovative plasticizer to be used in rubber compounding, including tire applications like carbon black and/or silica based treads, to tune, among others, wet grip and low rolling resistance performances. Moreover it can be considered an alternative to vegetable oils, with higher sustainability level (LCA), and easier drop-in replacement in rubber formulations. Matrilox« PF801E can also be successfully used in several application segments, other than rubber field, like bitumen modifications, resins, adhesives, among others, as plasticizer from renewables.

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