European Bioeconomy representatives visit Matrýca biorefinery

European Bioeconomy representatives visit Matrýca biorefinery

On 6 September John Bell, Director of Bioeconomy in DG Research andInnovation (European Commission) and Philippe Mengal, ExecutiveDirector of the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (JU BBI), visitedMatrìca biorefinery, Novamont┤s and Versalis┤ (Eni) Joint Venture. Thedelegation, composed also by Elisabetta Balzi - Deputy Head of Unit of the Directorate┤sStrategy Unit on Bioeconomy and Prof. Fabio Fava - ItalianRepresentative for Bioeconomy in H2020 and in the BBI JU, hadthe opportunity to see the peculiarities of Matrìca biorefinery as concrete andreplicable example of bioeconomy in Italy and in Europe, demonstrating a stronginterest towards the integrated biorefineries in local areas model anddedicated to the production of high added value bio-based products.

The institutionalvisit was also an opportunity to see the results of the European"flagship" project First2Run, project led by Novamont, of which Matrìcais one of the partners. The project was funded by the Bio-Based IndustriesJoint Undertaking, the Public-Private Partnership between the EuropeanUnion and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).

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