C5-C9 acid blend
C5-C9 acid blend

C5-C9 acid blend

It is a blend of linear monocarboxylic acids with different chain lengths and is a transparent liquid.

The ban imposed in 2006 by the European Union on the use of antibiotics in animal feed has encouraged the spread of alternative raw materials; among these, organic acids have been shown to have remarkable properties and efficacy.

Their broad spectrum of antimicrobial action reduces the count of both negative and positive Gram bacteria.
Due to their efficient energy use in the intermediate metabolism and their increased digestibility, linear acids have a positive effect on the promotion of animal growth.

In order to guarantee the entire food circuit its constant commitment to support quality and safety, Matrìca has also obtained GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification, an international standard with high recognition developed specifically for feed manufacturers.

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