Azelaic acid
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Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid (nonanedioic acid) is a dicarboxylic acid occurring as a white crystalline powder, available in varying degrees of purity depending on the final application.

The innovative production process makes it possible to obtain azelaic acid with very high purity and low monocarboxylic content. These characteristics are fundamental for its use as an intermediate in polymerization processes, typically as an alternative to sebacic and adipic acids.

The table shows the azelaic acid grades of the Matrilox® line with the main fields of application:

Trade name Azelaic acid %, min Lubricants
and greases
Corrosion inhibitor Cosmetics Electronics Polymers and polyamides Resins, coatings and adhesives Esters
LA001T 92
IA001T 92
LA001M 98
IA001M 98
CA001M 99
PA001M 98
PA002M 98

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