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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Matrilox« portfolio for Bio-Plasticizers

Matrýca offers a portfolio of innovative bio-sourced plasticizers and extender oils specifically designed for the rubber industry.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Matrilox« portfolio for Bio-Lubricants

Matrilox« portfolio for Bio-Lubricants is wide and diversified, accounting for fatty acids as azelaic acid, pelargonic acid and carboxylic acids of short-medium chain, entirely derived from renewable sources with a short supply chain, and for fatty acid esters from pelargonic acid and high-boiling point fraction, mainly derived from the same sources.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Pro-anticorruption Procedure - Reporting management

This regulatory document governs the process of receipt, analysis and handling of reports from anyone, third parties or employees, submitted or transmitted, even confidentially or anonymously. This document complies with the requirement set forth by the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, and by the Matrica Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy.

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