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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Anti-Bribery Policy

This Policy is adopted with the purpose to provide a systematic reference framework of the business principles on anti-bribery.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Matrýca - Company Profile

Matrýca was born from strategic partnership between Versalis, Eni┤s chemical company, and Novamont, leader in the bioplastics market. These two companies┤ research efforts and expertise were key in an industrial reconversion project that led to an integrated platform for chemistry from renewable sources. Today, the innovative range of Matrilox« bioproducts is manufactured in Porto Torres, (Sassari, Italy).

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Matrýca S.p.A. organization structure

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Model 231

Organisation, Management and Control Model approved by the Matrýca S.p.A. Board of Directors on 19 July 2022.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Versalis - Company profile

Versalis is Eni┤s chemical company that operates at a global level in the basic chemicals and intermediates, polymers and rubbers sectors as well as in the chemistry from renewables and technologies for the recycling of plastics.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Novamont - Corporate Leaflet

Brochure v.1 - A shoot with deep roots

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