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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Kosher Certification

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

For the following activities: Research and development, production and sales of mono and dicarboxylic acids and esters from the processing of vegetable oils for the production of bioplastics, biofibres, biolubricants, home and personal care products, plant protection products, biofuels and bioliquids, additives for rubber and plastic industry, raw materials and additives for livestock feed.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Quality, Hygiene-Health Safety and Sustainability Policy for Biofuels and Bioliquids

Matrýca is strongly committed to the production of a range of products that allow the implementation of a new model of Sustainable Development based on innovation and enhancement of local biodiversity, sustainable from an economic, environmental, hygiene-health and social point of view.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Health, Safety, Environment, Public Safety and Sustainability Policy

As part of its activities, Matrýca pursues the overriding goal of ensuring continuous improvement in terms of Health and Safety of employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and in general the stakeholders with whom it comes into contact, the protection of the Environment, guaranteeing Public Safety and Sustainability, operating in compliance with the Code of Ethics.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file ISCC EU Certificate

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

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