By filling in and submitting this form, employees and third parties can report, in good faith, problems on: i) the internal control system regarding failure to comply with laws or regulations, as well as with Matrìca's internal regulations, including possible illegal, corrupt or fraudulent operations involving company assets, events likely to incur an administrative liability for the company pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001; ii) breaches of regulations and principles contained in Matrìca's Code of Ethics (for example, issues related to business ethics, mobbing, harassment, conflicts related to management of personnel).
The form must not be used for reports made in bad faith or those which may make false or slanderous accusations.

Please note that, where deemed advisable, Matrìca may contact the reporting party if such contact has been made possible by this party, in order to obtain explanations and/or further details regarding the reported facts and that the reports, as well as the identity of the reporting party, are treated so as to guarantee and respect full confidentiality.

Please read the detailed regulations.

Adobe Acrobat PDF file Pro-anticorruption Procedure - Reporting management

This regulatory document governs the process of receipt, analysis and handling of reports from anyone, third parties or employees, submitted or transmitted, even confidentially or anonymously. This document complies with the requirement set forth by the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, and by the Matrica Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy.

(Adobe Acrobat PDF file: 205 Kb)

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